T his mountain olive oil brings with it over 2000 years of history for us to savour. It is made using cultivation methods which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Varieties of olives




This is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is made from a meticulous and well-thought-out combination of the Arbequina, Manzanilla and Blanqueta olive varieties, in order to produce an aromatic olive oil with a dense aspect.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

T his Olive Oil has been produced thanks to the extensive knowledge of soils, climates, raw materials, care etc., that has been passed down through the generations. Our completely traditional method of extracting our product enables us to guarantee that this highly valued product is nurtured and cared for in the manner in which it deserves.

The Olive Oil produced in the Serrella mountain range is cultivated using traditional methods that ensure the utmost respect for the environment. The methods used, together with the wonderful environment that surrounds us, make this an extremely high-quality olive oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced from an expert selection of olive varieties, all grown in our own region, and which are collected using traditional methods when the olives are in the onset of the ripening process (between green and purple).


Our olive oil is obtained using a cold extraction process. We ground our olives on the very same day that they are harvested, thus ensuring that we can preserve all of the properties that this rich fruit has to offer us.

We are able to categorize our olive oil as Extra Virgin Olive Oil given that it complies with the acidity, spectrometry, organoleptic evaluation and other parameters which have been stipulated for said category.