of the Best Quality Olive Oil

A n age-old culture that has been passed down from generation to generation, in which we look after and nurture every single olive tree, forest, valley and river, as well as every corner of our terrain in order to ensure that we are able to produce a unique variety of olive oil.

Thanks to its orography and peculiar climate, not to mention its long-standing traditions and culture, the inland areas of the province of Alicante are the perfect place to cultivate Olive Oil of the highest quality.

T he Olive Oil produced in the Serrella mountain range is cultivated using traditional methods that ensure the utmost respect for the environment. The methods used, together with the wonderful environment that surrounds us, make this an extremely high-quality olive oil.

Thanks to our extensive experience we have managed to achieve the perfect balance of the locally grown Blanqueta, Manzanilla and Arbequina olives which has, in turn, enabled us to produce an Olive Oil which boasts a unique intensity, an enticing aroma and a golden colour, all characteristics of an exquisite product.